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Your Path to Homeownership

AstraCommons helps you become a homeowner, so you don't 'waste' money renting.

Have you always wanted to own your home but haven't been able to? Whether, it's credit score or downpayment, something always comes in the way?


AstraCommons is here to help you realize your homeownership dream. We will buy your dream home for you. You can rent it from us until you are ready to buy it. And we'll help you get your own mortgage too! 

How it works

How It Works

You apply and get pre-approved as a tenant with AstraCommons. Then you get your home buying budget and find your perfect home. We buy the home and you rent it from us until you are ready to get your own mortgage. We help you in getting approved for the mortgage too!


Apply for pre-approval

Express your interest in our program by clicking here. Our representative will reach out to discuss details of our path to homeownership plan and your pre-approved price range for home purchase.


Find your dream home

Once pre-approved, search for your dream home, either by yourself or with a realtor of your choice.

You can pick any type of home within your pre-approval criteria and program guidelines.


We buy and rent it to you

Once you have selected your home, we buy it and lease it to you. 

You will have option to buy that home anytime. While you rent from us, we will also help you qualify for home mortgage. 

Buy your home

When ready, you can buy the home from us. You can also decide to leave that home at the end of your lease without any penalty. 

Our Mission

Home ownership available to All

About Us

AstraCommons was founded with a simple mission, making homeownership available to everyone. It is unacceptable that a human necessity, as basic as a home, is still out of reach for so many of us. And we all know renting doesn't build wealth, homeownership does. We are determined to not stop until we have made homeownership, the single biggest source of wealth building, accessible to everyone. 

About Us
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